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MSMD is a Strategic Platform that leads to Innovation, Generation of Huge Revenue, Gain Competitive Advantage through Cost-Efficient Design, Reliability, Flexibility, Stability and Scalability...

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MSMD Brand of Animal Feed especially Ruminants comes with superb and innovative ingredients that make Ruminant Feed more nutritious to help keep healthy and maximize your profitability...

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MSMD recently been awarded with The STAR Outstanding Business Award (SOBA 2011). This award recognizes up and coming enterprises & companies and their contributions to the Malaysian Economy also for excelling in areas that span across sectors...

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EXCELLENT Products and Services!

MSMD has this distinctive quality from its inception not to compromise on anything less than perfection. Let it be on MSMD Brand of Products nor Services. MSMD has a proven track record and gives paramount importance to Excellence to its Products and Services...

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TRUST Our Experiences!

MSMD believes in order to be persuasive, we must be believable & trustworthy and in order to be believable, we must be credible and most importantly be truthful. Our Customers & Vendors together with Bankers & Financial Institutions call upon us to be in Alliance because they believe in the principle we stand for...

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RESOURCES For All Sectors!

MSMD is rich in natural Commodities with an abundance of resources such as Animal Feed, R.O. Water, Palm Oil, Rubber, Copra, Cocoa Based Products together with others such as Palm Kernel Meal (PKM), Wheat Pollard, Soya Bean Meal, Maize and upcoming Commodities such as Sugar, Timber, Petroleum etc...

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Welcome to MSMD Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd. Official Website!

We are playing a leading role in the Animal Feed Industry and has a long term commitment to serve our Customers based on a foundation of being one of the pioneers in the Animal Feed Industry. We are ambitious both for our future growth and the prosperity of our Industry. We work closely with Customers, Suppliers and the Industry, promoting knowledge and sharing ideas to develop ingenious nutritional solutions... Click Here to Read More