603mrf copyRuminants, such as cattle, are “natural grazers”. They have a special organ in their digestive tract, called a rumen. The stomach of ruminants is composed of four compartments; rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum. The compartments are populated with microbes that break down most plant fibers. Because of this digestive system, ruminants can obtain most nutrients needed for growth and production from good quality and energy feed.

MSMD’s 603RF – Ruminant Feed is classified as quality and energy feed, yet it can be safely substituted for a portion of the forage due to the unique physical characteristics of the fiber. Level of substitution will depend on cost effectiveness. Pricing all feed on a cost. Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN) basis will help identify whether it fits into the diet and whether it should substitute for forage and/or compelled feed. A Order diabecon least-cost, ration-balancing program can accurately determine the most cost-effective level of 603RF in a ration.

Our http://saigon-ford.net/spying-app-sms-spy/ 603RF – Ruminant Feed with 16% min ProFat are concentrate formulated specifically for feedlot and most economical feed and grow Ruminant as fast and efficiently as possible. Maintain dry matter intake in heavy cattle and improve average daily gain and feed efficiency.

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Plant protein products, grain products, processed grain by-products, palm by-products, stone worktops. molasses products, vitamins and minerals.

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We highly recommend http://erotic-massage-krasnodar.ru/where-can-you-purchase-dipyridamole-eye-drops/ 603RF – Ruminant Feed for dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats and other ruminants.