MSMD's Previous Head Office MSMD initially commenced as MSMD Brothers Trading in 2003 and due to its strong business growth only seemed logical to open up another Company to sustain growth called MSMD Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd., privately owned Company and Incorporated on 23rd August 2007 under the Malaysian Companies Act of 1965.

The Founder and Managing Director ai??i?? Mr. Sanmugam A.Sabapathyai??i??s background of fourteen years experience with a leading and Established Vegetable Oil Company in the Country has contributed tremendously in knowledge and leadership where has 365 pharmacy gone. to the progress of MSMD Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Sanmugam, initiated his own research and development of Animal Feed and gained vast experience and knowledge in the Palm Oil Industry. This experience has given MSMD Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd, an edge over its Competitors.

The core business of MSMD Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd. is to trade in Animal Feed especially in the Ruminant sector. Additional to that we provide raw materials to Established Internationally Acclaimed Feed Millers who are experts in the field of manufacturing Animal Feed etc.

We are also involved in the Research and Development of Animal Feed under MSMD Brands and also in the Palm Oil, Rubber and Cocoa Based Products together with other commodities such as Palm Kernel Meal (PKM), Wheat Pollard, Soya Bean Meal, Maize, Copra and upcoming commodities such as Sugar, Timber and Petroleum Based Products etc.

Malaysian Star Millennium Dimensions or MSMD in abbreviation is now operating 6 Distribution Channels in Melaka and Johor to distribute Animal Feed and is now coupled with several Dealers all over Malaysia. The Distribution Channel’s Personnel have been well trained with years of experience in handling Farmerai??i??s challenges and explaining the quality of our Glycomet sale Products which has resulted in the fast moving and replenishing of Stocks.

We are quick to respond to our Customer’s changing needs resulting in the development, manufacture and marketing of a successful and leading Product range. Customers rely on our Products for healthy growth, improved production and enhanced feeding efficiency in all types of livestock.

Our Vision and Values are not just statements; they give clarity and direction for what we believe in and how we achieve our goals. Everything we do from planning, to Product development, training our Staff, to our relationships with Suppliers, Customers and the Industry is driven by our Vision and Values.

We feel proud and privileged to be in the Animal Feed business under MSMD Brands and also in the Palm Oil, Rubber, Cocoa Based Products together with other commodities such as Palm Kernel Meal (PKM), Wheat Pollard, Soya Bean Meal, Maize, Copra and upcoming commodities such as Sugar, Timber and Petroleum Based Products etc.

MSMD Resources (M) Sdn.Bhd, can still recall the challenging times that it had to experience during the initial period of commencement. Like any other successful Organization, MSMD too has its own ups and downs together with the pains and success stories to share with. If one of our stories could inspire some Young and Upcoming Entrepreneurs or any other Individuals to excel, MSMD would be more than pleased.

Processing Animal Feed We still recall the turning point that made us to focus on the establishment of MSMD Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd. The goal is to succeed as one of the strong players in the distribution and sale of Animal Feed for the Domestic & International Markets. MSMD wishes to share this short story with all of you.

We initially commenced as an Agent to distribute Animal Feed and all our efforts to secure Customers were turning futile due to our inexperience and inability to secure new Customers. This was because there were more established players in the market than. We realized that the going was to be tough and no matter what, we were determined to succeed.

Our marketing and strategic approach towards securing our first Customer was going on for months until by co-incidence we received our first order of Animal Feed from an Established Government Agency in Melaka, Malaysia via Mr. Magesparan who happens to be an elder levitra cheapest price. brother of Managing Director ai??i?? Mr. Sanmugam A. Sabapathy.

Being motivated at the sight of this first order, we immediately placed contract with Supplier and were about to deliver, when it was cancelled at the eleventh hour by the Customer. Despite the termination, we fulfilled our contractual obligations by paying the Supplier in full to honour our words.

Now the million dollar question, what do we do with the products? We donai??i??t have a ready buyer and we just lost our first Potential Customer. Our Cash Flow position has now been effected considering that we were just starting and our monies are now tied up in stock. Management was worried and very concerned about the situation.

Thatai??i??s when a miracle happened. By Godai??i??s grace, Mr. Magesparan from Melaka realizing the gravity of the situation immediately diverted his focus on other Customers and met up by accident his old friend in the Purchase reminyl generic name form of one Potential Customer and also a Farmer and promoted the Products in the late afternoon. That Farmer till today is one of our Loyal Customers. Mr. Magesparan, contacted Head Office in Johor and the Managing Director ai??i?? Mr. Sanmugam, his younger brother immediately acted promptly and drove down to Melaka and met up with the Farmer during the late hours of the night on same day.

The Farmer having confidence and trust on Mr. Magesparan immediately placed an order and paid RM 6,500.00 in advance cash. Can all of you imagine the joy and high spirits our Personnel were in considering the difficult times that we were going through at that point of time?

With Yg Berhormat Datuk Dr. Mukhriz Mahathir, Deputy Minister, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia Our first order was placed on 21st March 1997 at the height of the Financial Crisis. From this we realize there is always an Opportunity in a Crisis.

The Personnel were really excited and immediately commenced operations to deliver the Products to the Farmer and were constantly receiving continuous orders.

After some time the same Established Government Agencies from Jasin, Melaka who cancelled their earlier orders at the eleventh hour now have begun to gain confidence in us and commenced placing orders. The Customer bases were beginning to improve.

The challenges to delivery were becoming a toll especially during rainy days as some roads would be flooded and muddy and our vehicles unable to penetrate through. The vehicles would get stuck and enormous amounts of time and energy would be spent to deliver the Products. The margin of profit was becoming smaller and smaller.

This challenge gave ideas to further improvise our delivery system. Instead of we going door to door to deliver, why donai??i??t we bring the Customers to our fold especially for the smaller ones. There were several of them. The question arose in our minds.

We considered all options and made a decision to service our bigger Customers on a door to door basis while the smaller ones can be brought to our fold.

This idea prompted MSMD to broaden their horizon. As such our first Distribution Channel came to be established in Alor Gajah on 23rd May 2003 after several years of challenges and followed by many others after that, to which the rest is now History.

Receiving The Star Outstanding Business Award (SOBA 2011) In conclusion ,The Star Outstanding Business Awards 2011(SOBA 2011) was officiated by the Honorable Minister of Transport YB Datoai??i?? Seri Kong Cho Ha at the Presentation Ceremony held at the Royale Chulan Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on 1st November 2011.

MSMD is happy and honoured to have participated in three (3) categories namely Technology/ICT, Rising Star and Business of the Year Awards recently organized by The Star Publications, Presented by EXIM Bank Malaysia and Gold Sponsored by BMW.

There were 115 entries for the 11 categories of Awards from 83 Companies nationwide.

MSMD Resources (M) Sdn.Bhd is proud to have won the Silver Award for the Technology/ICT while reaching to the finals of the Business of the Year Award and participation in the Rising Star Category.