Mr.Sanmugam A. Sabapathy, Founder & Managing Director

(‘as Dec 2011)

As the Founder and Managing Director of MSMD, I extend my sincere greetings and warmest welcome to all. Here, on our Official Website you will find helpful information about us, what we do, along with other interests regarding MSMD.

It gives me great pleasure to thank all my Management and Staff who has stood by me during our most difficult of times especially during the initial stages. As the famous Author, Robert H. Schuller once said quote ai???Tough Times Donai??i??t Last But Tough People Doai??? unquote. How true!! I must acknowledge that I saw this toughness in the most difficult of times and till this date I see the same spirit and will to succeed in each of you. Keep it up!!!

If it was not for all of you, MSMD will not be where it is right now. Thank God we managed to establish some strong base accounts initially and still recall the continuation of the late tiring hours placed in and the amount of precious time spent travelling all over the Country to meet up with Customers and convince them of our Products.

Since MSMD Brand of Animal Feed and its ingredients were new to the market, we needed aggressive and systematic marketing approach to promote and convince Potential Customers, which was challenging and really an uphill battle.

With stiff competition and our opponents utilizing tactics to undermine and undercut our Products in terms of quality and pricing is brand cialis vs generic cialis. something that we had to manage or else we would be killed off in the early stages.

By instilling a strong sense of belonging amongst Management and Staff, MSMD was able to penetrate and withstand the might of our opponentai??i??s challenge. It is because of your commitment, sincerity, and trustworthiness from Business plan the early years that till date all of us are still holding hands together to take MSMD to the next level.

To all my Management and Staff, personally I feel so proud of each of you and together we shall hold our hands again to take MSMD to even Greater Heights. Once again, a big Thank You to all of you.

Likewise my heartfelt thanks goes out to our Customers and Vendors Viber spy, Phone spy. who believed and trusted us in the early years, as we were struggling to establish ourselves. Without their support, too we may not have been where we are today. I still recall the days when Customers were sceptical of our Products in the early stages and the various upgraded marketing strategies that we needed to promote and convince them of our quality and pricing of our Products.

In the absence of Bank Facilities, it even made MSMD tight on issuing credit periods and limits. Henceforth, Customerai??i??s understanding to pay on cash basis has enabled us to move forward. Thanks to your continuous support and the trust bestowed upon us will continue giving all Customers our best Products and Services. I must acknowledge that MSMD managed to reach this level through your loyal support and I strongly believe that together we can even Cheap aygestin generic grow higher than this.

As for our Vendors similar doubts of uncertainty on payments prednisolone for cats treatment. arose for Products and Services rendered to MSMD. With no assistance from Bankers and Facilities from Financial Institutions it is normal for Vendors to be sceptical of our reimbursements.

Being well versed with Accounting Principles and Calculations, I have managed to maintain a proper Cash Flow Position to gain Vendors confidence. Not only our payments were prompt but we managed to convince Vendors who were supportive of our vision to offer us the best pricing.

To all our Customers and Vendors, a big Thank You for being there when we needed you most.

Mr.Sanmugam A. Sabapathy, Founder & Managing Director, As we move on with our existing business we anticipate more and more Potential Customers to be joining us in our journey of success to purchase MSMD Brand of Animal Feed and also in the Palm Oil, Rubber, Cocoa Based Products together with other Commodities such as Palm Kernel Meal (PKM), Wheat Pollard, Soya Bean Meal, Maize, Copra and upcoming Commodities such as Sugar, Timber and Petroleum Based Products etc.

As you can see from our Historical Background and in this Message, MSMD Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd is here to stay and grow with the times. Our formula of conducting a successful business is very simple. We do not believe in squeezing our Customers, in return it should be on a basis of a Win-Win situation to ensure all grow in tandem. This has been our formula of success from our initial commencement of MSMD Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd and we feel proud and honoured to be able to continue doing so as per our Vision & Mission statements.

As Managing Director of MSMD Resources (M) Sdn.Bhd., let me assure all our Potential Customers, if you are going to conduct business with MSMD, in the future, rest assured that you are all in safe hands and that the Win-Win situation will be our prime criteria of conducting business. MSMD believes in the principle that Customerai??i??s growth will indirectly benefit and make MSMD grow as well.

To all our Potential Customers, if you are looking forward for a sincere working relationship to purchase Animal Feed under MSMD Brands and also in the Palm Oil, Rubber, Cocoa Based products together with other Commodities such as Palm Kernel Meal (PKM), Wheat Pollard, Soya Bean Meal, Maize, Copra and upcoming Commodities such as Sugar, Timber and Petroleum Based Products etc, kindly consider MSMD as your prime choice. Rest assured you will not regret it.

In this Message, I would like to advice to all those Young and Upcoming Entrepreneurs out there. If you were to read through our Historical Background and this Managing Directorai??i??s Message you would have realized by now that the journey to success was never an easy one. We had various challenges and uphill battles to overcome and till this date the challenges are still there in different forms and it will continue to arise from time to time. Nobody said that the journey to success was going to be any easy. MSMD will remain focused and have designed a mechanism not to be held at ransom. We have created alternative solutions as a result of our various challenges. In short, we have now more grown up in the wake of competitions.

MSMDai??i??s business of Sale and Distribution of Animal Feed is recession proof. The Ruminants, Poultry and Swine categories will have to eat no matter how bad the situation, whether inflation or recession in the Country or the World experiences. We still recall a quote by a famous Malaysian Businessman Quote” Do Tomorrowai??i??s Business Today” Unquote. In our sort of business there is never an end and the Personnel in MSMD have every right to walk tall as the success of MSMD till date is as a result of their perseverance, commitment and trustworthiness towards MSMD to take it to Greater Heights.

To all the Young and Upcoming Entrepreneurs, a word worth considering ai???Never Ever Quitai??? even how tough the going gets. Go for your Dreams and Goals till you achieve.

In conclusion, MSMD Resources (M) Sdn.Bhdai??i??s Personnel have always stood up and have risen above self in times of crisis and solved issues in the spirit of Teamwork. Somehow this attitude seems to be inborn amongst all Management and Staff because of our strong sense of belonging i.e. MSMD is a Home-grown Company heading towards Greater Heights. With that our motto from the early days till now and the future will stand out as “Teaming for Excellence”. This slogan and motto of ours we believe will withstand all challenges in the 21st Century and the future. In our opinion, the motto “Teaming for Excellence” seems most appropriate for all occasions and seasons.

Thank you.

Sanmugam A. Sabapathy,
Founder & Managing Director, MSMD Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd.