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MSMD is a direct distributor of the Shipping rogaine internationally mixed vegetable oils -animal grade of the Palm Oil Based products.MSMD via its own Research and Development (R&D) has successfully blended mixed vegetable oils by utilizing its very own specifications for the animal grade. Over the years ,MSMD has successfully secured several customers to that effect and is still growing.

MSMD secured the commodity via itai??i??s good rapport with a variety of customers.

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Mixed Vegetable Oils comprises 100% Vegetable Fats of Palm Oil Based products coupled with essential nutritionai??i??s.

Mixed Vegetable Oils is utilized as a supplement in animal feeds providing fats to boast energy.

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Mixed Vegetable Oils is specifically formulated from Palm Oils.

Mixed Vegetable Oils is brownish in color and is a free flowing liquid at 36 degrees C & above.

Shelf Life Expectancy
Mixed Vegetable Oils is recommended to be utilized within a year from the date of its manufacture.

Handling & Storage
Mixed Vegetable Oils is viscous/solid at very low temperature. Proposed to heat the products to pump able temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and above. Frequent or continuous heating should be avoided. Storage facilities should always be in a clean and dry area.

Mode of Delivery
Mixed Vegetable Oils is normally delivered by road tankers/bulk and reconditioned steel drums.