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Molasses contains metabolically energy is critical for animal survival and production yet lack of sufficient energy is the most common deficiency suffered by animals. Molasses contains approximately 10.29MJ of Metabolically Energy (ME) per KG (as fed) making it an excellent source of dietary energy.


The taste and smell of Molasses encourage cattle to eat and because of this, it is recommended especially for use in starter rations. Another benefit of using Molasses is its ability to hold the fines, such as minerals and rumen modifiers stable within the ration to ensure each animal consumes the desired amount. Because of this characteristic it can also help reduce the dust in the Feedlot.

As a rough guide, Molasses generally considered to contain around 0.7 times the energy of feed grains such as Sorghum (due partly to the lower dry matter content of Molasses compared to grains (75% vs. 90%)). allowing for this, Molasses is still often the cheapest source of energy.

Nutrition Values:

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Molasses is produced as a co-product in the milling process metmorfin. to convert sugar canes to raw sugar.

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We highly recommends Molasses for dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats Purchase lady era reviews and other ruminants.




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