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Palm Kernel Meal (PKM) is a useful source of protein and energy for livestock and it is commonly used in animal feed especially for ruminants. A ration of 2-5KG PKM per day has been found satisfactory for adult cattle. There is no nutritional limitations to its use in ruminant feeding when it is blended with palatable feedstuffs such as molasses, grains, starchy by-product and other deoiled meals. This compliments well with other low protein and high-energy feedstuffs such as potatoes, tapioca and grains. PKM can be included at a level of 70-80% for beef cattle and up to 50% of the total dairy cow diet, depending upon the cost of other ingredients. It is reported to improve milk fat content and also produce firm butter fat. Dairy cows (6-8 liters milk/day) fed with PKM alone performed almost similar to those cows fed with conventional ration. The metabolisable energy of PKM for ruminant is about 2300kcal/KG.

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