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Palm Kernel Meal (PKM) has been successfully tested in poultry diets. Metabolisable energy content of PKM is around 2000Kcal/KG. Up to 10% level has been included in poultry diets with good results.

Protein level in PKM meet the requirements of certain classes of poultry such as breeder and layer hens, provided that the limiting amino acid (lysine, methionine) are supplemented or balancing the diets with other feedstuffs that are rich in lysine and methionine. When methionine and lysine and or enzymes (mannase) are supplemented to the diets, the level of PKM do not affect Buy nasonex canada the productive performances of layers in terms of their age at first laying, egg production, egg weight, feed consumption and efficiency.

The fibrous component is mainly composed of insoluble mannase based polysaccharide (galactomannan) found in the cell wall. So the use of fibrolytic or carbohydrate degrading Buy benfotiamine enzymes (mannase, hemicellulase and cellulase) to PKM based diets have greater potential in releasing unavailable nutrients.

Nutrition Values:

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MSMD Palm Kernel Meal (PKM) Nutrient Contents, Click Here to View in Larger Format

Available Packing Sizes:

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