pkp50Ai??Palm kernel Pellets (PKP), has long been known to be an important ingredient for the formulation of animal feed. Though it is considered to be excellent for ruminants, PKP is also reported to be suitable for use in feed formulation for swine, poultry and horses. It is obtained as a by-product from the extraction of Palm Kernel Oil via the mechanical process. The product of PKP involves the grinding of Palm Kernels followed by screw pressing with or without intermediary flaking and cooking stages.

In dairy cattle, rations are used as a source of energy and fiber at the inclusion level of 30% to 50%. PKP based dairy cattle pellets are commonly fed together with grass and other concentrates.

PKP has been shown to be a very promising source of energy and protein in the compound feeds for ruminants. It is also a high-energy source and cost-effective ingredient to be utilized in ration Arimidex authorized generic formulations for various livestock.

Nutrition Values: Argumentative essay

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MSMD Palm Kernel Pellets (PKP) Packing Sizes, Click Here to View in Larger Format


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